Redo the Parish Area Pastoral Planning Initiative

We Wanted This To Go Viral But…

We made this last summer, the week after we learned we were closing. Since then, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, opened their doors to us to meet weekly, which we have since 6/1/13, on Wednesday nights to work to reopen St. Joachim, to network with our other sisters and brothers in Christ who have lost their churches, and to continue the work of St. Joachim in Frankford. We help feed the hungry on Saturdays and the Catholic Daughters relocated their food cupboard, Matthew 25, there. We are still Catholic and feel that we must be the Catholic presence in Frankford since both of our churches, St. Joachim and Mater Dolorosa closed. We have filed a Vatican appeal of the Archbishop’s decree that merged us with Holy Innocents. It is not that we don’t want to go to Holy Innocents; it is that we cannot abandon all that our ancestors did so that the faith would be handed down to us. We must do the same. Our appeal is waiting to be heard by the Apostolic Signatura (the Vatican Supreme Court).