Redo the Parish Area Pastoral Planning Initiative

We Are Hard “Pressed” to Understand Why Archbishop Chaput Does Not Hear Us!

One week ago, we rallied in front of the Archdiocese to ask Archbishop Chaput to hear us – his families seeking to understand the closure of our churches without a full explanation from those who decided this was best for the “salvation of souls” and would enable the Archdiocese to provide even better “pastoral care” to the faithful of Philadelphia. Before we are able to host the World Meeting of Families in 2015, we need to get our own house in order.

You have heard us and the press has heard us. We believe. We continue to work to get answers to our questions regarding the Parish Area Pastoral Planning Initiative and the resulting abandonment of the lifeblood of the Church here in Philadelphia.

Al Dia pubished another article on our story this week. You can read it here. If you need to translate it to English, copy the url, visit Google Translate and simple paste in the url and hit “translate”.

We thank Channel 6 news, The Metro, Al Dia and you for caring about this most important issue.

Our thanks to Gilberto Gonzalez who shared this on Facebook.

Archbishop Chaput, please hear us!