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Please share this information to any and all who might be interested. Thank you! God bless you!

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Appeal Process Archbishop Chaput Archdiocese of Philadelphia Area Parish Pastoral Planning Process Closed Churches Philly Catholics PPA Vatican

We Are One Body; We Are One Church

Sunday, June 15, 2014, David Harris and I just wanted to reach out to others whose parishes suffered St. Joachim’s fate last year. The Holy Spirit literally directed us to Notre Dame De Lourdes in Swarthmore. We were blessed meeting the parishioners who were trying to understand this decision and also grateful to know that other people care about what’s happening to them. Do You Care?

Read the full story here – “Notre Dame ready to carry the cross for parish”.


To Appeal the Closing of Your Church, You Must Act Swiftly

If your church is being closed or merged July 1, 2014, you only have until Friday, June 13, (10 business days) to send “a written petition” signed by 2-3 registered parishioners stating the reasons why you are “aggrieved by the decree” to Archbishop Chaput. We strongly suggest that you mail this at the post office by “certified mail with return receipt requested” and you mail it as soon as possible.

The reason you have several parishioners sign this document isĀ  to keep this appeal active should something happen to one of the signers. In our case, I quickly wrote to Archbishop Chaput so if something happens to me, St. Joachim’s appeal would stop because I was the only one to sign it. So, I do try to take extra good care of myself.

Here is a PDF of the “Recourse Against Administrative Decrees” which is based on Canon law. The Archbishop has 30 days to respond or not and then you begin the formal appeal process. This PDF explains the initial process.

Recourse Against Administrative Decrees_AOP - Recourse Against Administrative Decrees

We can help you. We have been through it – our appeal has reached the doorstep of the Apostolic Signatura (the Vatican Supreme Court). Our canon law consultant, Peter Borre, is willing to assist you initially at no cost to you because he believes, as we do, that closing churches is not the way to balance budgets nor does closing churches provide for adequate pastoral care, much less continue the evangelizing work our Church is called to do.

You may call me or text me at 215.520.5616 or email me at Closed gates and with any questions, concerns or free advice. It’s important for us to unite and to say that not one more church should lock its gates. Let’s work together for good!

For more information about us, visit and find us on Facebook.


Do You Have a Voice in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia?

quote-the-human-voice-can-never-reach-the-distance-that-is-covered-by-the-still-small-voice-of-conscience-mahatma-gandhi-68117We have a rich, blessed history of faith in our city, in our country! As the Church (and we are the Church) faces challenges and an ever-increasingly complex, global world that is at our doorstep, it’s vital that the voice of the laity is heard, respected and plays a role in guiding the direction of our Church!

Is that happening here? Are we truly invited to share in the ministry of the Church on a broad scale?

Do you care about this? Do you care that Churches are closing to solve financial problems? Do you care that nursing homes could be sold without regard to those seniors who built these Churches and made financial sacrifices of their own? Do you care that the Church is abandoning those very people Jesus has commanded us to serve – the poor, the unwanted, the least among us?

If you do, you will join us this Saturday, April 5th, 2 PM, at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (yes, that’s where we meet since both Churches were closed in Frankford), 4442 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19124. For more information, please email or call Pat at 215.520.5616

We need your voice!

Use this map to find your directions. For those traveling by SEPTA, use the 3 or 5 bus that passes right in front of the Church. St. Mark’s is between the Margaret-Orthodox and Church St. stops of the Market Frankford El or Blue Line.

This meeting is being sponsored by Keep the Faith in Frankford and La Milagrosa!

Redo the Parish Area Pastoral Planning Initiative

Rally to Show the Archbishop the Need to Redo the Parish Area Pastoral Planning Initiative!

Please visit often as we are developing our site. Many churches have been closed and will be closed as this Parish Area Pastoral Planning Initiative continues throughout the Archdiocese. We believe it is systemically flawed as it is not equitablly applied nor are parishioners adequately involved in many cases. Please show your support this Thursday, March 20, at 12 Noon in front of the Archdiocesan office building, 222 N. 17th St.! God bless you!PPA rally