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To: Patricia Smiley

I enjoyed your presentation last night at the Historical Society of Frankford. You done well!

Tracing the history of the community of St. Joachim within the history of the Frankford community brought the subject to life. Also, I thought that you did a good job dealing with the comments mede by some members of the audience at the conclusion of the evening.

I have one question. I heard no mention of the time during which Saint “Joe-Akkim” served as an annex to Northeast Catholic High School, then the largest Catholic high school in the nation (if not the world). Did I just miss it? Or was the omission intentional — and, if so, why?

I have always thought of the North Catholic Annex as being a major role in the history of St. Joachim’s.

Once again, the presentation was a job well done.

Gerard J. St. John

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